World WIZO Organization and Tourism Division

Chairperson: Janine Gelley
38 David Hamelech Blvd.
Tel Aviv 64237
Tel: 972-3-6923826
Fax: 972-3-6923820

Janine Gelley

World WIZO Organization and Tourism Division

The World WIZO Division of Organization and Tourism maintains direct contact with WIZO’s numerous Federations around the world. The staff collates up-to-date information on all the Federations: their addresses, the names and addresses of Heads of Federations, Federation structure, and statistics regarding the local Jewish community. The Division maintains direct contact with the Heads of Federations, as well as those responsible for organization, education and membership recruitment in each Federation. It also maintains contact with the Aviv Representative to the World WIZO Executive. The Department responds to, and makes every effort to fulfill, the requests of WIZO members worldwide, either directly or through appropriate referrals.


Our services
The Division conducts as many as two International Leadership Seminars each year in Israel.  Aviv Seminars have been held since 1977, and are intended for women up to the age of 45. Lapid Seminars were initiated in 1999, and are intended for women over 45. At both Seminars, which last for five days, WIZO members meet their sisters from all over the world. The program includes lectures, workshops, and tours, with visits to WIZO institutions and other sites of interest. Discussions and the exchange of information by the chaverot is given pride of place.

The Division responds to invitations for missions to Federations, whether for Conferences or workshops.

At annual World WIZO Meetings of Representatives, and at World WIZO Enlarged General Meetings, which take place every four years, the Department is responsible for the session dealing with Organization and Education. 

Main activities

WIZO Lapid International Seminar

Since 1999 the Division has organized the WIZO Lapid International Seminar.  The Seminar prepares members from the age of 46 and over to take on leadership positions in their Federations.

Emphasis is placed upon developing leadership, tools for organization, and membership recruitment.  During the period under review three Lapid Seminars took place, concurrently with the Annual General Meetings. 150 members participated.

Lapid Newsletter


The Division produces the “LAPID” newsletter, distributed to leading members of the movement, including Seminar graduates, in English, French and Spanish. Information on Israel, Zionism, Judaism, and other material which enriches Jewish identity, identification with and pride in Israel is presented, along with material dealing with various aspects of organization and membership recruitment.  This includes published articles on the topics mentioned, and summaries of discussions and lectures. Information on Aviv activities within the Federations is also printed. In addition, the Division reports on relevant Internet sites and books.


Bible Day Booklet

The “Bible Day Booklet” is a long-standing tradition (since 1964). In recent years, booklets have been produced on the following themes: “Breaking the Parchment Ceiling: Women Learn Judaism”; “Giving is Receiving”; “The WIZO Landscape: People & Places From Biblical Times To The Present”; “The Thread of Hatred: Anti-Semitism Through the Bible and Beyond”; ”Cycles of Strength: Jewish Customs and the Jewish Life Cycle”; “Women’s Rights in the Bible”; and “…And a Little Child Shall Lead Them” / Jewish Childhood in a Changing World”. A number of Federations hold regular meetings around the contents of the booklets, which are published in English, Spanish, and French.