For the Advancement of Women in Israel

From its establishment in 1920, WIZO has been committed, as an International Zionist Women's Organization,
to advancing the status of women in Israel - in all spheres of life

Status of Women 

A Shoulder for Women to Lean On

WIZO works actively towards advancing the status of women in society and the workplace. In this framework WIZO offers legal advice and assistance, protection and aid for families in crisis, support for single parent families and the prevention and treatment of domestic violence. The network of treatment includes legal advice bureaus, support groups, shelters for victims of domestic violence and a rehabilitation program (half-way home) following their stay in a shelter, centres for the prevention and treatment of violence in the family and 24-hour emergency hotlines for domestic violence victims. In addition, WIZO invests considerable effort in the guidance and empowerment of women throughout the country and operates a school and three centres for the advancement of women in politics.