Advisory Call Center for Parents of Early Age Children

Education and Care for the Early Age 

Education and Care for the Early Age

The vast network of WIZO day care centres provide care for tens of thousands children with working mothers, new immigrants and children from problematic families. In the most important formative years of their development and personality, the children receive education, enrichment and care.

WIZO operates multi-purpose day care centres which are open until the evening hours and provide a solution for children, whose parents work long hours and would otherwise be left unsupervised, as well as children in distress or from high-risk homes. WIZO, in order to suit the changing needs of society, offers a long study day, summer camps, groups for single parent families and therapeutic frameworks giving children, that have been removed from their homes by a court order, the opportunity to be raised in a caring home with the love of a surrogate family. In the framework of the education and enrichment accompanying the development of each child, there are programs focusing on language enrichment, science studies, gender equality and more.  In addition, there is a guidance and enrichment system for the caregivers, coordinated by educational supervisors who provide direction on an individual and group basis within the day care centres.