Medical services for children at risk

Medical services for children at risk 

Medical services for children at risk in the Emergency Treatment Center

Bet Paamonim is home to 25 babies and toddlers (from birth to 4 years) who have been removed from their biological families by court order, or taken there directly after birth – for reasons of high risk.

Children in Bet Hapaamonim have suffered continual neglect, severe abuse (physical and sexual), trauma and sometimes dangers to their very being,  in their short lives, due to the lack of the normative functioning of their parents.  The children in Bet Hapaamonim have been taken away from their parents due to: violence in the family, emotional or mental problems, alcoholism, drug addiction, severe disabilities, prostitution, crime or chronic disease – of one of the parents.  In most cases the children have emotional and developmental problems.

On 1.1.06 WIZO began to operate Bet Hapaamonim, after successfully being awarded the tender of ‘The Services for the Child’, in the Ministry of Social Welfare.  We had to make major physical, safety, educational and therapeutic changes.

The purpose of the program:

 To provide medical treatment to babies and toddlers who suffer from health 
 To provide preventative medical attention to the children in Bet Paamonim.