Caring for the needs of the community

The goal of WIZO is to respond to the challenges that arise in Israeli society, through every stage of life, in order to secure a better society for all
WIZO for the Community 

WIZO for the Community

WIZO embraces Israel society with both hands; with one hand it nurtures, serves, guides and supports.  With the other hand it fights, argues and wrangles for the sake of children, women, senior citizens, new immigrants and all sectors of society in Israel.

WIZO is a major force in social endeavors in Israel, WIZO is a major force in the fight for social justice in Israel, WIZO builds a supportive, community environment for Israeli society and is one of the most important agents for change in Israel.

In every one of its varied activities, WIZO works for the improvement of the quality of life for children, and their families, by imparting educational and social values.

Due to the structure of WIZO, most of its activities in Israel operate within a social framework, through its educational institutions ( Day Care Centers, schools, youth villages, community centers) and in over 60 branches and centers which are spread over the whole of Israel. Each of these places is a focal point for WIZO’s large number of activities for the benefit of society and the community.

The wide dispersal of WIZO’s institutions,  enables them to act as meeting points for all sectors of the population, and to hold activities which are suited to their needs.  WIZO has a wealth of experience with local populations, and in operating empowerment, support, training and other projects.

For over 88 years WIZO has supported, fought for and stood side by side with the Israeli public.

Within the framework of its activities for the community, WIZO also provides assistance to bereaved families, handicapped, war widows and terror victims, centers for children at risk and girls in distress, day centers for the aged, etc.

WIZO has proved itself and has experience in organizing teams of community workers in various settlements, providing support programs in the community, finding, training and organizing volunteers.  WIZO is in contact with community leaders in the community, and many of the activities are run in partnership with local authorities.

WIZO is active, and supports, community initiatives, including lending out games to families with meager means, hot, nourishing meals for needy families, extra tutoring for children,  advancement and support groups for girls at risk, halfway homes for girls who have no home framework, warm homes for girls during the evening hours and a wide variety of courses and social activities.