For the Elderly

WIZO for the Elderly 

Honoring Senior Citizens

The elderly population in Israel, as in all western nations, is increasing and requires new estimates regarding the assistance and treatment necessary for their welfare. Thousands of senior citizens find company and interests at WIZO’s occupational workshops, where they enjoy light work for a symbolic payment. Senior Citizens who are still living independently in their own homes, but require supervision, find a  place at the WIZO clubs for the elderly, which offer activities and interests throughout the day. A hotline services, staffed by volunteers in WIZO centres provide an essential service to dissipate the sense of loneliness felt by many senior citizens.  For elderly citizens who are unable or do not wish to remain in their own homes, WIZO offers the Parents Home, situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, providing a range of services, including medical supervision, a nursing wing and social activities.

For the Elderly

In the framework of WIZO’s care for all sectors of the population, WIZO centers are open for elderly men and women with the aim of ensuring that they feel part of society, in a warm and pleasant environment.  Services and activities help them cope with lifestyle changes and offer them a new outlook on aging whilst emphasizing advantages, such as using their free hours towards a ‘second career’.  The following services are offered to senior citizens by WIZO:

 Social groups for immigrant senior citizens – culture, art and trips around 
    the country.
 Clubs for senior citizens – social meetings, lectures, workshops, games, etc.
 A phone-in assistance service.