WIZO’S Schools & Youth Villages

Thousands of pupils study at 9 WIZO schools (a number of them boarding schools), situated throughout the country. Pupils study and live in the youth villages, in intermediate and high school frameworks, within a warm and supportive environment. They receive an excellent education, guidance and the best possible opportunity to integrate successfully into society. WIZO’s schools are unique as they enable each pupil to acquire an education at the level and pace that suits their individual abilities. WIZO’s schools have attained a reputation, on a national and international level, for their successful integration of large numbers of youth from different nations.

The Education Division aims to provide qualitative, long term education, according to the values of the State of Israel and the vision of WIZO by:

nurturing an independent, thinking and creative human being, who is imbued with 
    personal, social and community values.

 strengthening the Jewish identity of our pupils, whilst respecting each culture, 
    stream and sector in Israeli society.

 implementing an education network, with high expectations of the pupils both in 
    their educational achievements and their lifestyles, according to the capability of 
    each pupil.

 providing a system of education which is based on modern technology, streamlined 
    resources and autonomy wherever possible.