Youth Leadership and Preparing for the IDF

The WIZO Haberer Community Center in Jerusalem, and the WIZO Lev Jaffa Beit Italia, and the WIZO Miami Beach Center in Ramat Gan, serve as Municipal Centers for Youth Leadership. 

They operate training courses for youth from poverty areas, activities to train volunteers for the community, seminars and municipal elections to the local youth council.  Hundreds of young people take part in the activities in each Center, many of them on a regular basis.


There are also a wide range of activities to increase motivation amongst the pupils in the WIZO schools and youth villages, as they near the age of recruitment into the army.  Both girls and boys take part in various training courses, such as in the leadership academy at WIZO Nahalal,  the physical fitness and challenging activities courses at WIZO Gan VeNof, WIZO Nir Haemek, WIZO Nachlat Yehuda and others.