Personal Story

*Davida, (*not her real name) joined the dormitory at WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim, four years ago, after having serious personal problems, and bad relationships with her parents.  Following a two year rehabilitation process, we placed her in the tenth grade of a local school.  Simultaneously, she lived in the dormitory and was given any help that she needed.

Davida carried out all her obligations at the school, to which she traveled every morning, and she also functioned well in the dormitory.  She successfully stood by all her learning commitments, and was successful in the matriculations that she entered for, passing them with high marks.

In light of the success of the process, and despite the fears of her family, it was recommended that she returns to her home.  Today, Davida is studying in the 11th grade, in her local school, and continuing her matriculation studies.  She successfully functions in society, and with her family.