Sports, Music and Communications

This year the pupils in our educational facilities had many high profile, and impressive, successes, by national standards, in the fields of sports, both in groups, and as individuals.  The following examples are just a few of the sport activities in the schools and youth villages.

The boy's basketball team from WIZO Nahalal, and the girls basketball team from WIZO Hadassim, play in the top league of high schools.  The girls of WIZO Hadassim, who were the champions last year, won the silver medal.  Pupils from WIZO Beit Hakerem did well in the Jerusalem school tournament, taking first places in basketball and junior soccer.  Pupils from the WIZO Municipal High School in Rehovot took part in athletic events and two brothers, twins, won first place in wrestling in the Israel championships, and expect to go further.

A wide range of activities took place in WIZO's two Music Conservatories, the Music Center in Maalot and the WIZO Conservatory in Tiberias.  The various musical ensembles appeared in dozens of public performances and ceremonies, and represented WIZO, in both Israel and abroad, on a high musical standard.  Hundreds of youth take part in the activities.  Some are able to develop their professional talents, thanks to  WIZO scholarships. Especially important were a series of concerts of Israeli music, in partnership with MILA, performed by musicians from the WIZO Music Center in Maalot, and the closing concert of the WIZO Conservatory in Tiberias, in which 250 musicians took part.
The WIZO Kagan Community Center in Jerusalem holds training courses for hundreds of young people on the electronic media and communications. During the fire on the Carmel, the young reporters covered the event, in a fashion equal to that of their professional counterparts. A special mention is due to WIZO Gan VeNof, which had one of the highest rates of recruitment in the IDF, in Israel, amongst its graduates, over 90%.