When it comes to the wellbeing of the child, the WIZO model is one to be emulated


Israel is a very tiny country, poles apart from China in size, governance, culture and heritage but when it comes to the wellbeing of the child there are parallels to be drawn and Chinese child welfare professionals were eager to learn more about the excellent WIZO model of childcare in the community.

On Monday, 22 December 2014, World WIZO President Tova Ben-Dov, was pleased to accompany a delegation from the China Welfare Institute (CWI) on a visit to Beit Peru, a multipurpose day care centre in a low socio-economic part of Tel Aviv, which serves a diverse yet harmonious community of Jewish, Muslim and Ethiopian families and is a model of co-existence and mutual respect for the culture and religion of each other.

Six members of CWI, led by Institute Inspector Qian Fei Hua spent a very enlightening morning at Beit Peru where they learned from the centre director and social worker about the particular challenges faced by the families living in the area and the way the centre works with the parents to create solutions to combat negative influences on the children’s wellbeing, to the benefit of the entire family.

World WIZO President Tova Ben-Dov, who was accompanied on the visit by World WIZO Executive Member Tricia Schwitzer, provided a comprehensive overview of WIZO’s 800 projects for women, children and the family. Tova outlined the manifold issues faced by Israel and its citizens and how WIZO mobilizes to meet such challenges.

The China Welfare Institute (CWI) is a national NGO founded by Mme. Soong Ching Ling in Hong Kong in 1938 with a focus on women and children's wellbeing, health and hygiene, children’s culture and education.  CWI inaugurated the world renowned CWI Children's Art Theatre, the CWI International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital, the CWI Children's Palace, the CWI Nursery, the CWI Kindergarten, the CWI Children's Epoch Publishing House, and the Children's Art Playhouse.

 Currently, CWI runs many institutions specialized in areas of maternal and child health, children culture, out-of-school education, pre-school education, school education, senior citizen welfare and social welfare. Committed to the mandate of ‘being experimental and demonstrative.’  Based in Shanghai, CWI serves the entire Chinese nation and the world and has made outstanding achievements in the process of institute development and CWI has now become an important organization working for the welfare of women and children.

At the close of the visit, Mr Qian Fei Hua presented Tova with a plaque and together with his colleagues, he conveyed his hopes that WIZO continues her blessed work and that Israel’s children should grow up in peaceful times.