Advancing Legal Rights
Advancing Legal Rights 

Advancing Legal Rights

Legal Advice Bureaus for Family and Employment Matters

WIZO operates 30 legal advice bureaus throughout the country to assist women in family matters and employment law. Lawyers, mediators, psychologists, family and couple therapists staff the bureaus. The professional staff is assisted by trained WIZO volunteers who have undergone specialized training in dealing with legal issues. The bureaus staff treat each case individually, whether the circumstances require couple counselling, mediation or the initial steps towards legal proceedings.
Phone Inquiries for Pregnant Women, Mothers of New-Born Babies and their Partners

WIZO operates a phone service for women and their partners regarding their rights at the workplace during the time of their pregnancy and after the birth of their baby. 

Advancing Legislation and Activities Relating to the Advancement of the Status  of Women

 WIZO initiates legislative proposals with the goal of advancing the status of women 
    in Israel, in all areas of life.
 WIZO distributes printed information and brochures on different topics relating to 
    the status of women, signs petitions related to women’s issues, initiates and takes 
    an active role in demonstrations involving the role and status of women.  

 WIZO holds lectures, workshops, seminars and courses on diverse aspects 
    relating to the status of women. In addition, WIZO hosts educational and instructive 
    workshops for youth and female soldiers on various topics, including the 
    identification of early signs of a potentially violent partner during courtship. 
 WIZO is represented on a range of Knesset committees such as the Committee for 
    the Advancement of the Status of Women, Committee of Legislature, Law and 
    Justice and other committees. WIZO also participates in the steering committees 
    of government agencies and voluntary organizations relating to the status of 

 WIZO, the Women's International Zionist Organization, is a non-party international movement dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, welfare of all sectors of Israeli society and encouragement of Jewish education in Israel and the Diaspora.
 WIZO is an international movement of Zionist women, founded in England in 1920. Today, there are over a quarter of a million volunteers in 50 Federations throughout the world, working actively for the welfare of the citizens of Israel and providing help and support in the operation of hundreds of education and welfare projects and services.