Prevention and Treatment of Violence
Prevention and Treatment of Violence in the Family 

Prevention and Treatment of Violence in the Family

2 Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence

WIZO’s shelters, operated in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, offer a protective framework for the battered women and their children, whilst preparing them for an independent life ׀ in which they will be free of violence. The women and their children undergo a rehabilitation process with the assistance of the professional staff, including psychologists, social workers, para-professional personnel and WIZO volunteers trained in providing assistance to families that have been victims of domestic violence. In addition, the women in the shelters receive legal assistance. 

Half-Way House: Rehabilitation Project
The Half-Way House is a unique project offering independent housing assistance to women that are ready to leave the shelter. During this period, the women learn to function as a single-parent family, away from the cycle of violence. The professional staff offer counselling services as well as legal advice and emotional support. 

3 Centers for the Prevention and Treatment of Violence in the Family

WIZO centers in Ramat Gan, Jerusalem and Ashkelon, operate in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and local authorities. The centers deal with the treatment and prevention of the phenomenon of domestic violence within a community framework, without removing family members from their regular environment. These centers are especially unique as they provide treatment for the entire family unit, assuring immediate assistance during crisis, operating therapeutic workshops for abusive spouses and providing support groups. The centers are also committed to developing community awareness to the problems of violence. 

National Hotline for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Children at Risk

WIZO’s telephone hotline is staffed by professionally trained volunteers. This service, which is operated in conjunction with the Ministry of Welfare, allows callers to remain anonymous, and provides important assistance for victims in need of advice or vital assistance.
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