Advisory Call Center for Parents of Early Age Children
Medical services for children at risk 

Background and Rationale

Parents are the natural providers for children, and when there are difficulties, the child needs a considerable amount of support.  Parents, especially, and the family, in general, play an essential role in the development of the child, influencing his behavior and his feeling of identification, and giving him confidence in many spheres.  They provide him with the basic experiences needed in order to adapt in society.

In order to raise children, in the best and healthiest fashion, parents need knowledge, intensive emotional input, and to be able to cope with daily dilemmas and challenges.  In the modern age, we see that parenting has become a complicated area, and parents have to adapt themselves to the changing dynamics of today, without having any preparation, guidance nor enough ongoing support.
Many parents have difficulty in believing in their ability to cope and are helpless to find immediate help and affordable guidance.  They may have repeated problems through lack of knowledge, differences in cultures and problems in coping in a pluralistic and material environment. Sometimes they feel even more helpless, and they rarely ask for help due to financial, personal and superstitious problems.  In the reality of today's State of Israel every third child is living below the poverty line, and there is a 'culture of poverty' which has long term consequences.  In these situations and during family, communal or national crisis, such as the long war on Sderot and the settlements around Gaza, the need for support and direction is even more essential.


 Advisory Call Line for Parents of Early Aged Children in times of crisis,
    operates in Beersheba and Sderot
 Thank You Letters from Parents.

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