Advancing children at high risk
Advancing children with developmental difficulties  

Advancing children with developmental difficulties in the Multi Purpose Day Care Centers

There are 85 children in the Day Care Center, most of them are from families who are known to the welfare authorities.  These children are classed at high risk and most of them have delayed development due to the low socio economic level of their families.   40% are below their peer standards of  development.  The coping difficulties are felt in, amongst other things, difficulties in language, understanding and explaining, motoric difficulties, difficulties in understanding new experiences, coping difficulties and poor behavior patterns. 

According to a neuro-developmental-functioning approach, the functioning of the child is based on his abilities, behavior,  and the relationships that he brings with him and the effects of the society in which he lives and the experiences it provides him.  His development will largely depend upon the efficiency, and quality, of his actions. 

The neuro-developmental-functioning approach examines the early functioning, which can lead to learning difficulties , and behavior problems.  The treatment is carried out automatically, and not because there are symptoms.

The program enables:

 Evaluation and treatment of the imbalance of the infrastructure and functioning of 
     children with delays in development.
 Creatingup challenging surroundings,  encouraging development of  vital functions  
     such as:  learning, communications, social awareness, movement and behavior.

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