Schools and Youth Villages
Schools and Youth Villages  

Schools and Youth Villages

WIZO Gardening and Landscape Technology Youth Village, Petach Tikvah, sponsored by WIZO Switzerland And WIZO Panama 

The Youth Village was founded in 1922 and in 1977 the Federation of WIZO Switzerland took over sponsorship of the project.  The youth village comprises of a dormitory and an intermediate and secondary school, targeting pupils from all over Israel. The pupils enjoy a long school day and study towards Bagrut (matriculation) examinations, with an option of continuing onto higher education. All of these facilities operate within a lush environment and a supportive and caring atmosphere. The study program includes life sciences, agriculture, landscape design, technology, computers and more. The youth village also offers a post-high school trend in landscape architecture that grants its graduates a practical engineering certificate. The youth village absorbs pupils from weak socio-economic backgrounds and pupils with learning disabilities.

The Neri Bloomfield WIZO Academy of Design and Education, Haifa

The WIZO College of Design and Teacher Training was established in 1972 by WIZO with the support of the Federation of Hadassah-WIZO Canada. This college is a leading and unique educational institution in its fields of specialization, within an academic framework. In the college there are five specialized departments, which include teacher training programs: a Graphic Design Department to external and digital communications; an Architecture Department; a Department of Photography, Video and Computerized Media; a Department for Fashion Design and a Department of Management. The college study program employs a holistic approach, incorporating knowledge, skills, development, sensitivity, humanity, imagination, creativity, thinking, self–evaluation and self-criticism. The college aspires to prepare designers, teachers and managers - leaders in their field of expertise who are capable of abstract thought, as well as knowledgeable individuals with professional expertise. Graduates of the college successfully integrate into their fields of expertise within the public and private sectors.

WIZO Municipal Technological High School in the Name of Maya Rosenberg, Rehovot,  sponsored by WIZO Brazil and WIZO France

Dr. Maya Rosenberg founded the school in 1935, in the heart of Rehovot and in 1947 it was taken over by WIZO. Since 1963 it has been operating as a technological high school and in 1996 was placed under the joint management of the municipality and WIZO. In recent years the school has absorbed numerous new immigrants from the CIS (former Soviet Union) and Ethiopia. It offers a variety of technology trends, enabling the pupils to receive Bagrut (matriculation) certification, as well as accredited technology certification.  Additional trends include: graphic design, fashion design, jewellery design, computerized administration, education and psychology, chemistry and computers. The educational and social concept of the school aims at advancing each student according to his or hers individual abilities, through personal attention and care.

WIZO Nir Ha’amek High School and Youth Village, Afula, sponsored by WIZO Argentina and WIZO USA

The youth village was founded in 1927 as a training farm. In 1938 the sponsorship of the youth village was handed over to WIZO and since 1996 has continued a momentum of development. The youth village includes an intermediate and high school, where pupils from the local communities study alongside the boarding pupils. The dormitories also accommodate youth from the project ‘Na’aleh’ for children from the CIS who immigrated to Israel without their parents. The village complex incorporates a boarding school, a day-boarders facility, academic preparation program, courses for adults and a’ Second Chance’ program. The farm includes stables, chicken coops, a dairy farm, field crops, hothouses and gardens. Studies are carried out within a unique and integrated framework, which also provides assistance for pupils with special needs and care for new immigrants. In the high school there are three tracks towards matriculation certification: sciences, humanities and technology. The school encourages each pupil to develop his individual interests while exposing the pupil to a broad general education.

WIZO Nachlat Yehuda School and Youth Village, Rishon Lezion, sponsored by WIZO Switzerland

Founded in 1922 as a training farm in Nachlat Yehuda. Following the establishment of the state, it became an agricultural high school. In 1948, WIZO took over operation of the school and today it is attended by both veteran Israelis and new immigrant youth. Containing both intermediate and high school levels, the school prepares pupils for full matriculation – on regular and intensive tracks. It specializes in the education of life sciences, particularly zoo-technology, taught by teachers and senior researchers in their fields.

The dormitories offer a supportive environment enabling the boarding pupils to develop and express their personalities. This concept also transpires in the evening hours via a diverse range of enrichment programs offered to the dormitory youth.

WIZO Secondary Vocational School, Jerusalem, sponsored by British WIZO

In 1975, WIZO established in Jerusalem a school for teenage girls who could not succeed in formal education frameworks. Later on the school received accreditation from the Ministry of Education and today it offers two study tracks: 

    1. A Special Education Track, for students in Grades 9-12, combining a 
        professional technology option. 
    2. A one year professional training program for youth.

The school is intended for pupils from special education backgrounds, namely pupils with special needs, behavioural problems and learning deficiencies. Pupils receive individualized study programs to suit their needs. They are exposed to hands-on work experience, where they learn the meaning of  employer-employee relations, wages, personal responsibility, independence and professionalism. The study trends include: the art of cooking, administration and accounting and hair design.

The one-year track offers studies in hairdressing and administration. It accepts youth from 16 years old, who are not enrolled in other educational frameworks.

WIZO-Hadassah Canada Youth Village in the Name of Hanna Maisel Shohat, Nahalal,  sponsored by Hadassah WIZO Canada and WIZO uk

The school was founded in 1923 as an agricultural school for young women, with the goal of preparing young female immigrants and local women for agricultural work. In 1942 Hadassah-WIZO Canada took over sponsorship of the institution. Today it is a comprehensive agricultural school, comprised of intermediate and high schools serving pupils from the surrounding communities and the on-site dormitories. The teachers view the pupils as the principle resource for the future Israeli society. They strive to instill in the pupils the values of equality and respect for other cultures and to cultivate their ties to the Jezreel Valley in particular and the State of Israel in general.

WIZO-Hadassah Canada Children and Youth Village ‘Hadassim’, sponsored by Hadassah-WIZO Canada

In 1944 WIZO-Hadassah Canada, founded the dormitory school and education farm at Hadassim.  In September 1947, studies began in the school and in 1972 an intermediate school was established and the school’s gates were opened to pupils from the Sharon region. Both the intermediate and high school offer the pupils the opportunity to obtain the Bagrut (matriculation). The youth village includes dormitories for 16-18 year olds and a number of family units which serve as surrogate homes for children aged 6 to 14. The leading trends at the school are: computers, sciences, art and languages. In the youth village there are a number of family units with surrogate families- nurturing children aged 6-14 years.  Pupils aged 14 years and above live with their peers, in groups and are cared for by counsellors, housemothers, and other principle caregivers. The educational approach in the village facilitates the personal development of the individual and the successful integration of children with diverse abilities and from different backgrounds.

WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Boarding School, Haifa, sponsored by WIZO Australia

In 1939, in the Ahuza neighbourhood on Mt. Carmel, a number of tents were erected to provide a summer camp for new immigrant children in need. In 1940 they were converted into a boarding school. Ahuzat Yeladim has undergone substantial changes since its establishment and is now an acclaimed rehabilitative boarding school, that welcomes children and youth suffering from behavioural problems, emotional and/or mental disturbances. The boarding school targets teenage boys and girls in need of treatment and intensive supervision, who cannot remain in their own homes. The goal of Ahuzat Yeladim is to enable the youth to experience a more suitable way of life, to assist them to develop as independent people capable of functioning as productive members of society.


26 youth clubs and community centers are located throughout the country, providing a vital service for children, youth and adults, within an educational, supportive and compassionate framework.

Activities operate in the clubs from the morning until the late evening hours. In the afternoon hours the activities consist of: homework assistance, enrichment programs and help for children in day care centers that are preparing for entry into Grade One. In addition, there are groups for art, sport, creativity, science and more. The activities satisfy the needs of the community and in many of the clubs offer solutions to the special requirements of the local youth and adults. Some of the WIZO clubs serve as community centers for the entire family and offer a diverse array of activities and services for people of all ages. The following services are offered:

    •  Library and Study Center: Children and youth from Grade 1 to Grade 12 study 
       in these centers with the goal of reducing learning gaps, developing their 
       capabilities and overcoming study difficulties. 
    •  Center for Computer Studies: for children, youth and adults.
    •  Therapeutic Clubs: Providing rehabilitative treatment for children with behavioural 
       and learning difficulties.
    •  Social Activities: Including social, cultural and music activities.
    •  Communal Events: The centers host festival celebrations for the entire 
       community, lectures relating to drug prevention, AIDS awareness, safety on the 
       roads etc. 
    •  “Madatzim”: activity with youth which cultivates young leadership and the spirit 
       of voluntarism, with an emphasis on values and a love of the country.

 WIZO, the Women's International Zionist Organization, is a non-party international movement dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, welfare of all sectors of Israeli society and encouragement of Jewish education in Israel and the Diaspora.
 WIZO is an international movement of Zionist women, founded in England in 1920. Today, there are over a quarter of a million volunteers in 50 Federations throughout the world, working actively for the welfare of the citizens of Israel and providing help and support in the operation of hundreds of education and welfare projects and services.