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"Before working at WIZO I honestly had no idea what I wanted do. Having the opportunity to work with you, Esther and everyone else in the fundraising department in Tel Aviv made me realize my passion for wanting to work in the Jewish community and I thank you for that."

Nikki Feig-2008 WIZO Fundraising Intern

WIZO has been working hard over the past few years to develop and promote international volunteer opportunities in Israel. In an organization constantly busy with projects and with building its membership and causes, volunteers are beginning to find their place as an asset to the organization.


Currently, WIZO supports the placement of a professional intern position in the World WIZO Fundraising Department and at the end of each placement it is clear what a difference this position makes in the life of the volunteer and the lives of all the staff with whom the volunteer interacts.

It is a challenging, insightful, and engaging opportunity that gives these volunteers from outside of Israel hands on experience of how an organization like WIZO operates. Through out the experience the volunteers will make connections with WIZO members locally and internationally and will have the chance to continue their connection with WIZO after they leave Israel.

Giving back to Israeli society not just as a tourist, improving Hebrew language skills, learning the ins and outs of fundraising for an apolitical organization, and seeing first hand the experiences of the most vulnerable citizens in Israeli society are some of the gains that a volunteer will receive.

This position has thus far attracted volunteers whom have strived in the environment and their testimonies are below:

Internship Alumni

  My name is María Laura, I am from Venezuela and have been living in Spain for the past eleven years. I visited Israel in the summer of 2014. What can I say? I had never been before and I came back home with my bag full of stories and memories of smiles of amazing people. Despite the difficult situation this summer, I enjoyed traveling throughout Israel, visiting special places of historical significance, learning about local culture and studying at Tel Aviv University's summer English program. Tel Aviv is a beautiful place full of young people everywhere. It is simply charming with modern architecture, tasty food and has a very optimistic mood. 


María Laura     
  My name is Bekah Adams and I have been an intern at WIZO in the fundraising division for the past few months. I am from Richmond, VA and graduated from the University of Alabama in 2013. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to work at WIZO and learn about the organization. 
I love what WIZO stands for and have enjoyed learning about all the different projects that they support.

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 Bekah Adams      
  This past summer, I had the privilege of interning at World WIZO in the Fundraising Division.  My Onward Internship Coordinator introduced me to this organization in the spring. A few days later, I interviewed with Annette Crandell, the Deputy Director of the World WIZO Fundraising Division. Afterwards, I knew that this was an organization that I had to become a part of.  I love that WIZO is dedicated to supporting women, children, and the elderly in Israel and throughout the world.  

Michelle Glazer     
  During the course of the five months in which I lived in Tel Aviv, I met myriads of people who often had polarizing opinions regarding my country of origin, my language, accent, religion, political affiliations and so fort, yet not surprisingly most of the people I met seemed to share my opinion that my reason for being in Israel was truly rewarding. Nothing made me prouder then to state the fact that I was volunteering as an intern for World WIZO and it is amazing how that alone helped connect with people because they also understood the importance of WIZO.

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Melissa Scholem    
  This January, on my third day of the coveted birthright trip, I made the amazing and impulsive decision to move to Israel immediately. I decided to enroll in a 5 month long internship program through MASA.  Within exactly 2 months to the day I was packed up and schlepping my way from Boston to Tel Aviv with half my life in a suitcase.


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Natascha Shamis 
  When I first heard about the opportunity to be an intern at the World WIZO headquarters in their Fundraising Division I was ecstatic. I immediately knew that this was the right place for me. On my first day I was introduced to Annette Crandell who is one of the most wonderful and dynamic people I have ever met. She has provided me with skills that I will be able to use for my whole life and she has helped me and worked very closely with me. 

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Samanta Mendlow's     
  On my very first day as an intern in WIZO’s Fundraising Division, within an hour of stepping foot into the office, I was invited to join Annette Crandell, WIZO’s Internship Coordinator, to meet with the Director of the WIZO home for the elderly (WIZO Beit Horim Parents Home). The meeting was in Hebrew, and I had no idea what the women were saying, but one thing became quickly clear to me through the animated conversation -the individuals that dedicate their time to WIZO are incredibly motivated, passionate, and absolutely devoted to their work for WIZO.

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Emiliya Adelson     
  Volunteering at WIZO has been my last, and arguably best, experience in Israel. As a participant in the Macabbi Bekeff Program for Latin Americans, I have spent more than nine months in Israel- working at a kibbutz, serving in the army, scuba diving in Eilat for a month, and finally, living in Tel Aviv and volunteering at WIZO for three months. I was drawn to join WIZO as a volunteer because my mother is very active in WIZO’s Colombia chapter. I came to WIZO’s International Office already aware of the hard work and amazing dedication that goes into WIZO. Immediately, I was put to work. At the time, the office was in the midst of preparing for the EGM conference, so there was much need for help. I was treated as an equal employee, and given the responsibility of preparing the presentation for Esther Mor’s EGM speech

Paola Forman    
  After spending a month in Israel in early 2009 with Taglit Birthright Israel, I knew that after graduating from New York University in the Fall of 2009, my next stop would be an extended stay in Israel. Through MASA’s OTZMA Program, I first taught English for eight months in Ashkelon and Emek Hefer and then came to the World WIZO Fundraising Department as an Intern. My time here has been unimaginably enjoyable. It is rare, in life, to work with people that do nothing but inspire you, who you can look up to but also feel comfortable amongst, and here at WIZO the work environment is that ideal.

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Sarah Adler     
  In 2009, I received my Master's Degree in Nonprofit Administration (NPA)from John Carroll University, Ohio. For the last five and half years, I have worked for two outstanding organizations, both of which provide programs and services to children and adults with disabilities. I am not new to fundraising OR seeing firsthand the outcomes charitable contributions have on the lives of those who need help.
In the beginning of 2011, I started looking into buying a house. A single, 27 year old woman, buying a house on her own – I felt EMPOWERED! While discussing my dream house with my realtor, I realized that I had actually been dreaming of living in Israel for quite a while and knew if I bought a house without trying Israel first, I would regret it for the rest of my life.
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Sharon Zaidenrais     
  I have always wanted to live in Israel, volunteer and learn some Hebrew; I felt like it was part of my responsibility as a Jew to contribute to Israel’s society. Finally, this year, I had the opportunity to come over for a few months and realize my project. Being the daughter of the WIZO Swiss President, I knew a lot about WIZO’s work and projects around Israel.
Coming to Israel and volunteering in the World Office gave me a new perspective about the amazing job done by women all around the world. It made me realize that the Jewish communities around the world are here to support the women and children in Israel and help them get a brighter future.
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Marion Argi     
  I volunteered as an intern in the World WIZO Fundraising Department for one month while vacationing in Tel Aviv. The minute I landed in Israel I knew I wanted something more of my trip. I soon found an ad that WIZO was looking for a volunteer in their headquarters in Tel Aviv. I got really excited and emailed right away inquiring about the position. The next morning I was at the office working.
A couple of months ago I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree and Psychology and History, not sure of what to do next WIZO gave me the opportunity to observe and participate in the field of non-profit organizations. Seeing first hand the WIZO projects, gave me a new idea about this organization. I got to witness what WIZO really stands for.

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Natalie Cohen     
  Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, I knew that I wanted to gain stimulating post-graduate professional experience by volunteering and living in Israel. I came to Israel on a five month program called Career Israel where I was hired as an intern at Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO). Interning as part of World WIZO’s Fundraising Department provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience from professionals and board members while volunteering for one of Israel’s largest and most successful not-for-profit organizations.

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Joelle Mintzberg     
Allison E. White
  Since I can remember, I have always wanted to live and volunteer in Israel. UJC’s Project Otzma provided the opportunity for me to do this within a comfortable framework for ten months. The part that attracted me most to the Otzma program was the internship that took place during the third track.

Allison E. White     
Jessica Robins
  While participating on a summer program in Israel four years ago, I knew I had to eventually return to Israel to spend a year. I was excited to find out about the UJC Otzma Fellowship Program and realized it was a perfect fit for what I wanted to give to and take away from my year in Israel. It was an easy decision deciding where to intern and eventually accepting an internship at the World WIZO Fundraising Department in Tel Aviv.


Jessica Robins     

I volunteered as an intern in the World WIZO fundraising department for 2 months in between semesters while studying at Tel Aviv University. I knew that during this vacation from my studies I wanted to become more involved in an aspect of Israeli society which I had not yet experienced. After getting connected to WIZO through my program at TAU I was immediately excited and curious about the opportunity.



Tanya Schneider      
Donate Your Time
  I found WIZO by researching organizations online when I decided I wanted to go to Israel to volunteer. Having a background in aiding at risk populations, I was immediately struck by WIZO’s mission and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Through the Jewish Agency, I connected with WIZO and subsequently the World Fundraising Department in Tel Aviv.


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Nicole Whitaker     

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