The Lego Story

While WIZO, along with the entire international community, is feeling the effects of the current economic situation, we can further appreciate each donation we receive. While most of our donations come in the form of monetary value, we wish to bring attention to a specific donation we received on December 2008 that has had direct and immediate effects that can be witnessed.
Last year, Werner Bachmann, a former male member of WIZO Denmark and current member of "FRIENDS OF WIZO" in Israel took the initiative in attempting to receive a donation from corporation giant, LEGO of Denmark. He knew of LEGO donating their famous blocks to other sources and was excited of the possibility of being able to give this gift to children in Israel who would benefit greatly. 

After writing a letter to the chairperson of LEGO board of directors, Mr. Bachmann was pleased to see that within a few days he received a positive response from the LEGO Charity managing director, Mr. Aagaard asking him to be in direct contact. Mr. Aagaard was informed on WIZO and its causes and agreed that if the donation went through they would use WIZO with confidence that the organization would ensure that the donation was put to proper use. 

WIZO Denmark president worked with LEGO Charity managing director to formally apply for a donation and we give a very warm thank you to Mr. Aagaard and LEGO who followed through and last year donated two large containers of LEGO blocks to WIZO to be distributed. A donation of this kind is has immediate rewards as you watch the real difference it makes.
Since the distribution of the LEGO blocks to WIZO Day Care Centers throughout Israel, we have witnessed children enthusiastic about their chance to play with LEGO. This wonderful addition has given these children a new way to play with their peers and to spend time with their parents, who often come to join their children in building with the Lego.
WIZO was humbled by LEGO's quick and positive response and with the possibility of corporate donations of this sort. When we are able to surprise children with gifts of this sort it is a reminder of our true purpose and why we are such an important asset to the less fortunate children and families across Israel.